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Electrical Engineer

Immingham, United Kingdom
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Purpose The Electrical Engineer shall execute all Electrical engineering activities within the boundaries defined by the Company’s authority limits, or as delegated by the Discipline Manager.

The Electrical Engineer shall undertake design and engineering deliverables including calculations, risk assessments, sketches, MTO’s in a safe and productive manner, and deliver projects and/or packages on time, in-line with all contract specifications, achieving full client satisfaction and meeting all quality and commercial key performance indicators (KPI’s), whilst maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders and colleagues.

The Electrical Engineer will demonstrate full understanding of and adherence to all relevant Engineering Procedures, Policies and Standards, and their practical application.

Main Accountabilities & Competencies
• Negotiating
• Earthing Calculations
• Trace Heating Calculation
• Earthing Calculations and NA Design
• Electrical Supply Networks and Plant Architecture and Characteristics
• EMC Awareness
• Specifications
• Team Building
• Influencing Others
• Cable and Protection Device Calculations
• Motor Rating and Selection, Power, and Torque Calculation N/A
• PFD Calculations NA
• Power Cable Sizing
• UPS Calculation
• Power Generation and Synchronisation
• Transformer Design and Protection
• UPS Systems and Battery Sizing
• Cable Routing Drawings
• Earthing and Bonding Detail Drawing
• Hazardous Area Classification and DSEAR
• Packaged Plant Electrical Requirements
• Intelligent Motor Design
• Technical Bid Analysis
• Design Basis
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Managing Performance
• Decision-Making
• Communication
• MCC Loading and Power Factor Assessment N/A
• LV Electrical Design and Protection, Including Switchgear and MCCs
• Motor Design, Starting and Protection (DOL, Star Delta, Soft Start, VSD)
• Cable Routing and Equipment Location Layouts
• MCC and Switchgear Schematic (DOL, Star Delta, Soft Start, VSD)
• High Current Systems, e.g., T/R Sets and Busbars
• Motors, HV, LV, Variable Speed
• Motivating and Inspiring
• Interconnection Drawings
• Single Line Diagram
• Cable Schedule
• Load Schedule
• Material Take-off
• Cathodic Protection
• Lightning Protection and Design
• Stability and Harmonic Studies
• Electrical Hook-up NA
• Hazard Study Awareness and Participation - 1 to 3
• Fire and Gas Systems
• Lightning Protection Design
• Power System Quality and Harmonic Mitigation
• Containment System Design
• Protection Design / Studies and Co-ordination
• Electrical Authorisation: HV
• Electrical Installation Inspection and Testing
• Energy Metering, Consumption and Tariffs
• Lighting Calculations
• Power Factor Correction
• Power System Analysis, Including Fault Levels
• HV Electrical Design and Protection, Including switchgear and MCCs
• Trace Heating Design
• Earthing and Lightning Protection Layouts
• P&ID Development
• User Requirement Specification
• AutoCAD - Geometry, Setup, Borders, Layers, etc.
• Autoplant 3D Modelling (Equipment, PointCloud, Clash Management)
• Building Services, Including Lighting Design
• Earthing System Design
• Electrical Authorisation: LV
• Electrical Load Study
• Electrical Supply Networks, Architecture and Characteristics
• Change Management

Key Indicators/Requirements
• Achievement of Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements, as set by your line manager from time-to-time.
• Satisfied clients, both internal and/or external.
• Timely completion of work.
• Quality of work.
• Adherence to relevant processes, procedures, and Policies.
• Professionalism.
• Integrity.
• Trust.
• Team Spirit.
• Caring.

Commercial & Risk
• Inform project manager / line manager of potential risks identified in a timely manner.
• Work within allocated CTR or allocated hours where applicable.
• Demonstrate clear understating of relevant commercial and budgetary landscape.
• Work to agreed plans, using initiative to identify improvements/savings.
• Function as an ambassador for the Company, always presenting the right image to existing and potential clients.
• To attend meetings and forums, representing the Company.
• Forge links and establish communication with relevant colleagues and other stakeholders.

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality
• Inform line/project manager of potential project risks identified in a timely manner.
• Working within the Company’s ISO9001:2008 quality systems.
• Responsible for own safety at work.
• Consideration to be given to others in working environment.
• Adhere to Company and client health and safety procedures.
• Comply with – and work to - relevant procedures, policies, processes, and standards, to meet the required level of quality in all outputs.
• Zero non-conformances to all Company, client, and project specific quality and safety plans.
• Adherence to PPE requirements, where applicable.

Technical Requirements
• Keep up to date with latest industry and functional standards, technology, and norms.
• Be familiar with all relevant systems.
• A good understanding of the availability and use of all relevant electronic tools and software.
• Full awareness and understanding of relevant legislation and standards, and their practical application.
• Awareness and understanding of all relevant Company Policies, processes, and procedures.


Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications
• The Electrical Engineer is required to have a minimum of a degree or master's degree in Electrical Engineering.
• Experience in an Electrical Engineering role.
• People skills.
• Honesty, integrity, and reliability.
• Solid written and verbal communication skills.
• High diligence.
• Organisational skills.
• Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
• Research skills.
• Analytical skills.
• Excellent computer skills, including MS Office, particularly Excel, Word, and Outlook.
• Good presentation skills (PowerPoint).
• Understanding of data privacy standards.

These roles and responsibilities are issued as a guideline to help you understand the duties you are expected to undertake as part of your role. They may be subject to change from time-to-time to meet business needs, and you may be required to carry-out additional duties that are reasonably consistent with your skills and status.


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