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We employ a highly qualified team of professionals across multiple engineering disciplines with extensive experience in delivering innovative and environmentally mindful solutions for a wide range of clients.

Our multifaceted engineers can perform pre-FEED studies through use of integrated simulation, layout and capital cost estimating modelling tools. Drawing on our experience of working with many different organisations across the range of process industry sectors, Fabricom is able to develop practical and innovative solutions which deliver value to our clients’ businesses.

From the preparation of COMAH reports, HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA and SIL studies, dispersion modelling, environmental permitting and DSEAR assessments through to structural integrity assessments and FEA, our services are tailored to individual client needs.

Our dedicated engineering compliance team can also act as an independent advisor or integrate themselves within your engineering team to ensure regulatory compliance is achieved. Customised programmes are then put into practice to help achieve, retain and maintain safe and legally compliant operations.

EFAB’s continued approach is to combine our extensive knowledge and innovation to produce sustainable and economic design solutions that meet our clients’ requirements.


Ageing and Life Extension of Plant In a commercial environment where continued investment in plant and costly maintenance programmes is increasingly difficult to justify, management of ageing plant assets is becoming more challenging. EFAB can offer the following:

  • Process and safety critical assessments / inspections to identify key risk areas bearing on plants life extension and continued safe operations.
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) to identify hidden material defects
  • Development of maintenance and inspection regimes for critical plant items based on historical breakdown and maintenance records, etc.
  • Undertake life extension reviews augmented by assessments like FMEA, PHRs, reliability assessments, detailed design modifications, stress analysis, 3D CAD model, etc.
  • Develop management procedures in support of managing ageing plant


EFAB engages its network of engineering technical authorities’ and QA/QC engineers to ensure that our projects comply fully with the legal requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive and Regulations (PED/PER).

This includes the classification of pressure equipment and systems, compliance with the essential safety requirements, hazard checks and design conformity checks.

We fully manage liaison with the nominated certifying body to ensure that our designs, fabrications and installations are in full compliance with the PED/PER. This has resulted in the issue of a Declaration of Conformity verified by the Certifying Body.

Take your construction and engineering project management to the next level with expert consultancy services from EFAB. 

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