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With over 40 years’ experience in the Modular Construction industry EFAB have become a trusted brand within the sector. Our purpose built Manufacturing and Development Centre with dock access is well equipped to handle your businesses Modular Construction needs.

Our immingham based facility is dedicated solely to the manufacturing and assembly of piping systems, steelwork, EC&I and modules. It offers construction space, flexibility and secure storage allowing us to cater professionally to Modular Construction requirements.

Did you know? Our modules are available worldwide through our extensive transportation routes via close proximity to docks and motorways.


Modular construction is revolutionising the projects across the globe. Modular construction projects are designed and built off-site to ensure better construction quality management and less on-site disruption.

Many of our clients have benefited from our ability to work efficiently using highly skilled multidiscipline resources in an off-site controlled environment. Such processes reduce construction and site time in addition to minimising costs.

Our experienced Manufacturing and Development Centre team can manage the logistical operation of transportation of units for site installation, whether by road or sea, local or worldwide.

Modular Construction being lifted by a crane


At EFAB, we believe that the best approach to solving your project’s problems is to make sure you don’t have any in the first place. We aim to do this by providing you with a cost-effective, quality-led and safe option for site installation.

We see this as undertaking projects with the aim of removing the majority of site installation and undertaking a modular lead approach. We apply this logic to plant extensions, upgrades, modifications, shutdowns and more. Our aim is to bring value-led approaches to our client’s projects.

EFAB aims to bring all our knowledge and skill sets to aide clients’ projects throughout their lifecycle. We see early engagement in projects as the best way to bring value to clients. Throughout this process, EFAB aims to bring value at each stage: concept design phase, FEED phase (Front End Engineering Design), detailed design phase and execution phase via ‘maintenance through modules’ – thereby reducing the project’s exposure potential site difficulties.

Our approach to maintenance is simple: we treat each project the same in terms of how we can best utilise our offsite manufacturing base to reduce the risk to the site installation and integration.



Modular building projects can be completed 30-50% faster than traditional construction methods


Reduce construction and site time in addition to minimising costs


Keep your business running smoothly by moving construction away from site


Arrange a project consultation with our manufacturing and design team. Discuss your needs, get an estimate and schedule a meeting. Our goal is to make production as easy as possible for you.