Modular construction being transported

Phillips 66 – SRIP Project - News

EFAB were awarded the Sulphur Recovery Improvement Project which involved offsite module works at their Manufacturing and Construction Facility, Immingham for Phillips 66. The project included 3 DRVs (dressed vessels or columns), 2 Pre-Assembled Racks and 5 Pre-Assembled Units.

The original scope of works was to:

  • Manage and control Sub-contracts
  • Erect circa 292t of steelwork and handrail
  • Fireproof the primary steelwork (on 4 of the structures)
  • Manufacture, erect, test, paint and insulate pipework
  • Dress the columns with platforms, pipework and insulation

The construction created a number of challenges for the project team to manage and overcome but the project team proposed a number of engineering solutions in lieu of the Client’s designer making the final decisions.

Some specific areas of vendor equipment were not to the Client’s expectations, again, proposals were drawn up and EFAB rectified the issues, which were potential ‘show stoppers’ in respect to the on-site load in.

Phillips 66 then requested a team from EFAB, including direct labour and engineering/management capacity, to assist with the load in and landing of the DRVs, PARs and PAUs.