Assisting In The Development Of Navigator Terminals North Tees Hub - News

Developing Valuable UK National Infrastructure!

EFAB has recently been awarded several projects by Navigator North Tees. These projects will further assist Navigator in the development of the North Tees Terminal, a leading diversified fuels, sustainable fuels and energy storage hub for the North East of the UK and part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

EFAB are proud to have the opportunity to help with the development of these exciting projects!

What Is North Tees Terminal?

Navigator’s North Tees Terminal is a state-of-the-art terminal located in the Port of Tees in the United Kingdom. The terminal is specifically designed to handle the storage and transhipment of liquid bulk commodities, including chemicals, petrochemicals and bitumen’s.

One of the key advantages of the North Tees Terminal is its commitment to safety and sustainability. The terminal has a strong safety record and is compliant with all relevant regulations and industry standards. The terminal also has a range of sustainability initiatives in place, including the use of energy-efficient equipment and the implementation of waste reduction strategies.

One of the standout features of the North Tees Terminal is its strategic location. The terminal is located in the heart of the UK’s chemical industry, which allows for efficient and sustainable transportation and distribution of the products it handles. The terminal is also conveniently located near major road networks and includes a rail head which enables the reduction of road transportation across the UK, enhancing its sustainability credentials.

The North Tees Terminal is equipped with a range of modern facilities and equipment, including a deepwater berth, pipeline connections to a range of peer organisation facilities and a range of handling equipment. The terminal has a total storage capacity of close to 600,000 cubic metres, making it one of the largest and most efficient terminals in the region.

In conclusion, Navigator’s North Tees Terminal is a modern and efficient terminal that is well-suited for the storage and transhipment of liquid bulk commodities. The terminal’s strategic location, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to safety and sustainability make it a valuable asset to the UK’s energy and chemical industries.

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